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People do no harm to others simply because they don’t want to, and not because they can’t – this simple truth is neglected in the current security-paranoid environment, where everyone is treated as a suspected wrong-doer. As a result, basic individual freedoms are curtailed “for reasons of security.” This writing tries to highlight why this approach is wrong & counter-productive.

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Last week we had a program on flying with small aircraft on my beloved Radio Tilos, with Szabolcs Tóth, Kanada Kaosz & Styepp, in their bi-weekly regular program, the 3. passenger (3. utas). Before the program, I took Szabolcs up in the air around Budapest.

Listen to our program & see flight images here.

dismay of Tótumfaktum fame even made a small sound compilation based on the engine & airplane noise recorded by Szabolcs during the flight. He used this audio in his program about damage’s new book, the Damage Report. Listen to the audio here:


Shake dreams from your hair
My pretty child, my sweet one.