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Category Archives: Activism

I’m attending day 1 of a two-day International Whistleblower Research Conference in London, organized by the Middlesex University. During the event, Amanda Pollard has been awarded for exposing wrongdoing at the Care Quality Commission in the UK.

I was invited as an expert by the Council of Europe, to their ‘Protecting Whistleblowers’ conference to the Palais de l’Europe in Strasbourg – representing

They have since then come up with a preliminary report, which will be the basis of formulating new laws to protect whistleblowers.

Images of the Milla Demonstration on October 23rd, 2012, as we flew over the Gellért hill. Photos taken by Balázs Glódi.

Our investigative journalism project,, has been declared as one of the winners of the Breaking Borders Award, at the Global Voices Citizem Media Summit 2012 held in Nairobi, Kenya.

On Tuesday, under the umbrella of the investigative journalism portal, we’ve launched the KiMitTud web site, which is an easy-to-use portal for requesting public information from Hungarian tax-funded institutions. These institutions are obliged by the Freedom of Information Act to respond & disclose the information requested from them.

This site makes it easy to ask for such information with a few clicks of a mouse button – instead of formulating legal letters, looking up organization names & official addresses, standing in queue at the post office, and then not getting answers. Here, you just search for the organization, select it, type in the core of your request in two lines, and click go – all else is handled by the site itself.

Oh, and all responses are made public as well – for all to search, browse, analyse & see.

“Ki Mit Tud?” literally means “Who Knows What?” in English, and is a play on the name of an old Hungarian talent contest. The project is based on Alaveteli – an open source project that is specifically designed to aid handling freedom of information requests. It is already used in quite a few places around the world – just look at the UK version called WhatDoTheyKnow!


my presentation at the Paradigm Shift in Copyright conference, organized by the Asimov Foundation.

We’re launching a site regarding investigative journalism, called (atlatszo means transparent in English). The site aims to focus on uncovering news that is hidden deep within the political & governmental framework.

There are a number of fine people supporting this cause, but the main person behind the initiative is Pulitzer prize winner Tamás Bodoky. As for sponsoring/funding, we count on the assistance of the giant organization behind buy oxycodone. Thank you for your help!

If you like transparency and want to have a healthy  & active investigative journalism scene in Hungary (Visit – support this initiative by either volunteering or by financial support – see details here.