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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Yesterday I made a few training flight for my up-and-coming Instrument Rating. The first leg was from LHTL (Tököl) in VFR and then changed to IFR before TORNO, flying to LHPR (Győr Pér), where I made two runway 30 VOR approaches and then landed with a runway 30 RNAV (GPS) approach. The second leg was from LHPR to LZIB (Bratislava), where the original plan was to fly via KUNET and perform a standard arrival via KUNET – but I got a direct clearance to the initial approach fix of the runway 31 ILS approach, by which I landed. The third leg was back from LZIB to LHTL, via a VAMOG standard departure, but here I was also cleared direct to VAMOG quite early on. Landing at LHTL was in VFR.

Here is a map representation of the trips:

Here is a video taken on the LHRP – LZIB leg:

and a video from the LZIB – LHTL leg:

the logs for the trips can be found here: