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Category Archives: Aviation

Mammoth Crest

On the way from Mammoth Lakes Airport (KMMH) to Derby (KLOL), with Fallon Air Force Base to our right.

Lake Mono

Departing from Derby (KLOL), flying through Silver Springs at an altitude of 12.500 feet, which was really a density altitude of about 14.500 feet. The Diamond Eclipse (DA-20-C1) took it really well, and was still climbing at around 3-400 ft/min at that altitude flagyl sans ordonnance. Mammoth Lakes Airport (KMMH) is at 7.100 feet – the highest elevation airport I landed at so far.

Derby Airfield (KLOL)

We took a daytrip from Burning Man Black Rock City Airport (88NV) to Derby (KLOL) and then Mammoth (KMMH) near Yosemite on Thursday, 1st September. This is the first leg of the tour, with a very eerie airport we landed at for fuel. Heat, no wind, no person in sight, but the door is open, and one can refuel if only he follows the documented procedure & has a credit card. Oh, and an old MiG 15 parking around…


Black Rock City

Today mornings flyout from Burning Man / Black Rock City Airport (88NV).

Black Rock City

First flight from Grass Valley (KGOO) to Black Rock City Airport (88NV).

Golden Gate Bridge tip

A shorter flight, later in the afternoon, with even more cloud cover over San Francisco.

Most images by Tamás Kálmán, some images by Viktor Szathmáry.


Golden Gate bridge

A trip from KOAK Oakland airport to the San Francisco Bay Area, Golden Gate, Richardson Bay, then south in the bay area towards Santa Cruz, finally landing back at KOAK Oakland. Pictures taken by Beau Smith, more pictures at Beau’s flickr feed.

A trip from KGOO – Grass Valley airport to KOAK – Oakland airport in the San Francisco Bay area, with a lot of other airports en route…

The last lag of our Tököl – Portoroz – Venezia – Portoroz – Tököl tour, 5th August 2011, back from LJPZ to LHTL. After refueling and detailed weather info from Portoroz tower, a very clean ride back, nice weather, familiar scenery.


On the way back from Venezia, on our Tököl – Portoroz – Venezia – Portoroz – Tököl tour, 5th August 2011. Initially a lot of radio talk before engine start, as our flight plan filed in Portoroz in the morning did not seem sufficient for the LIPV people. The same route back as here: LIPV – JESOLO – CAORLE – GRADO – VICKY – PN1 – LJPZ.

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