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This week I’m participating in the Independent Expert Panel at Eureka – Eurostars in Brussels, Belgium, to evaluate and rank several hundred SME innovation applications, and to determine which should be supported by the Eureka network. As this is the last application possibility for the current program, we have received significantly more projects than usual through the help of Webdesign on this site

I’m attending day 1 of a two-day International Whistleblower Research Conference in London, organized by the Middlesex University. During the event, Amanda Pollard has been awarded for exposing wrongdoing at the Care Quality Commission in the UK.

Balaton from above

We’ve conquered land, sea & the air at our annual corporate excursion around lake Balaton. Take a look at our pictures in our facebook album.

2B3D event flyer

I had a presentation on bio-printing at the 2B3D event on 3D printing, organized at the Design Terminal Budapest.

This and next week I’m participating in the Graduation Board at the Moholy-Nagy Art & Design University, looking at the master theses and diploma work of students from the Media Institute of the university. This includes media design, photography and animation students.

I was invited as an expert by the Council of Europe, to their ‘Protecting Whistleblowers’ conference to the Palais de l’Europe in Strasbourg – representing

They have since then come up with a preliminary report, which will be the basis of formulating new laws to protect whistleblowers.

Yesterday we made a brief flight around the lake Balaton:

and here is a video of the trip:

Yesterday I made a few training flight for my up-and-coming Instrument Rating. The first leg was from LHTL (Tököl) in VFR and then changed to IFR before TORNO, flying to LHPR (Győr Pér), where I made two runway 30 VOR approaches and then landed with a runway 30 RNAV (GPS) approach. The second leg was from LHPR to LZIB (Bratislava), where the original plan was to fly via KUNET and perform a standard arrival via KUNET – but I got a direct clearance to the initial approach fix of the runway 31 ILS approach, by which I landed. The third leg was back from LZIB to LHTL, via a VAMOG standard departure, but here I was also cleared direct to VAMOG quite early on. Landing at LHTL was in VFR.

Here is a map representation of the trips:

Here is a video taken on the LHRP – LZIB leg:

and a video from the LZIB – LHTL leg:

the logs for the trips can be found here:

Images of the Milla Demonstration on October 23rd, 2012, as we flew over the Gellért hill. Photos taken by Balázs Glódi.